Taking advantage of social media marketing and the power of content can help increase your customer base and audience in an amazing fashion. It is usually challenging to start without any prior insight or experience.

It is pertinent that you understand the fundamentals of social media marketing. From increasing your online entry points to maximizing quality, sticking to these 10 laws will help you build a rock solid foundation that will serve your brand, your customers and most importantly, your profit.

  1. The law of influence

Seek for established authorities in your niche who have large quality audience and will be interested in your products or service. Build a relationship with them. If they find you to be interesting, authoritative and valuable, they may share your content with their followers and this will promote your business to their large customer base.

  1. The law of patience

Content marketing and social media success does not take place instantly. There is a high probability that you will achieve success by committing to the long haul.

  1. The law of Accessibility

Always be within the reach of your audience. Participate in conversations and publish contents regularly. If you disappear for a long time, your audience will not hesitate to replace you.

  1. The law of listening.

To be successful with content marketing and social media you need to listen more than talk. You can only spark conversations and create content that will add value to your audience when you join their conversation and read their online content.

  1. The law of Reciprocity.

Spend more of your time on social media talking about and sharing other people’s content. You cannot expect other people to talk about you and share your contentt if you do not do the same for them.


  1. The law of focus

It is better to have an area of specialization. A highly specialized content marketing and social media strategy has a higher probability for success than a broad

strategy that tries to be all things to all people.

  1. The law of quality

Quality is better than quantity. It is far better to have 1,000 followers who engage with your content than to have 10,000 persons who will walk away after connecting with you only once.

  1. The law of acknowledgement

Do not ignore your online audience. Always acknowledge every person who you make contact with. One important aspect of social media marketing success is building relationships.

  1. The law of value.

People will stop listening to you if all you do on social media is to promote your products and services directly. Start by adding value to the interaction. Focus more on creating valuable content and developing relationships with online authorities and less on conversion. With time your audience will begin to engage in a one-on-one offline marketing of your business.

  1. The law of compounding

If you publish quality, amazing content and strive to build an online audience of quality followers, they will reciprocate by sharing it with their own audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, their own blog etc. These engagements will create new entry points for search engines to find them during keyword searches. These links could grow from hundreds to thousands of channels for people to find your business.

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