Why Businesses Use SocialMedia and #Hashtags : #socialmedia

Why Businesses Use SocialMedia and #Hashtags : #socialmedia
To say that Facebook has helped boost businesses is quite an understatement. So why do businesses use Facebook and hashtags these days? Here are reasons why

Why Businesses Use SocialMedia and #Hashtags


Facebook as a social networking platform is not just for making friends anymore. To say that Facebook has helped boost businesses is quite an understatement. It truly is a powerful medium that is predicted to get more and more effective for communication over the next few years.

So why do businesses use SocialMedia and hashtags these days? Here are some reasons:

Of course, one of the main goals of having a Facebook account is to have an increased number of followers. But what’s great about having this large number is the ability to be able to connect to each one of those Facebook uses on a closer level. Companies can have the ability to engage themselves in conversations with their followers, whether it is just in response to a question, or in agreement to a pressing issue.
As users, we feel more involved when organizations or companies pay attention to what we are trying to say, even if they are about small concerns or major problems. In this way, companies can find out how to optimize and to improve their products and services, and in the end, make their customers happy and faithful.
Hashtags and tweets can evolve with the changing seasons, which make them ultra versatile for business marketing. For instance, #onsale may be good for promoting an event, but #ThanksgivingSale is more timely and specific to a cause.
Some companies opt to trademark their hashtags, such that they cannot be easily used by competitors. There are online tools that can allow you to check if it’s safe to use a particular hashtag in your product or ad campaign. Learning about various combinations of hashtags allow companies and organizations to be creative, adding more value to the messages they want to bring across.

Why Businesses Use SocialMedia and #Hashtags : #socialmedia

Why Businesses Use SocialMedia and #Hashtags : #socialmedia

Literally, with just the click of a button, a particular announcement or tweet can be spread across thousands of users over thousands of miles. Some companies actually use more than one hashtag in a single tweet so that it can be more visible across more channels, thereby allowing it to spread more quickly (i.e. get re-tweeted more times).

Such strategies on getting more re-tweets has been found to be effective for organizations who want to raise a “call to action,” or to encourage the public to advocate a cause. For instance, #breastcancer alone as a hashtag may seem effective for re-tweeting, but adding other hashtags along with it like #marchagainstbreastcancer or #survivingcancer seems more engaging and closer to the heart.
However, it is important to note that in the end, it is not the number of re-tweets or shares that matter, but rather it is the quality and content of the message. Businesses should keep that in mind before they attempt to make something viral.
Don’t get me wrong, advertising through TV, print, and radio will be far from getting obsolete. Major corporations and organizations will still probably spend a huge chunk of their budgets on marketing. But when it comes to social media, the cost of campaigning and sending messages across is very minimal – and actually free for the most part. This allows even startups and small companies to hop on the bandwagon, to get noticed, without shelling out lots of money.

As you can see, Businesses Use SocialMedia and hashtags to serve a purpose beyond finding a common ground among your circle friends. As a social networking platform, it allows users to be pro-active and more interested in what’s going on in the world. As an advertising medium, Facebook also lets companies reach out to many followers, quickly and more efficiently.

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