Outlined below are some of the top Denver digital marketing trends to observe in 2017.

Outlined are some of the top digital marketing trends to observe in 2017


It has came time to focus on formulating a successful marketing strategy for 2017. There are lots of DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS that will help companies find a new method of connecting with potential clients and having a well articulated marketing plan is crucial in attaining success. Outlined below are some of the top digital marketing trends to observe in 2017.

Wearable Technology:

From Apple watch to Google Glass, it is evident that the Internet of Things “IoT” is now upon us. Wearable technologies are expected to experience an adoption rate of 28% in 2017. This implies that marketing messages will even have more opportunities to reach their target audience. This also implies that marketers will be able to draw up more data from everyday habits of users. This will aid marketing to become more targeted and based more easily on location.

digital marketing trends to observe in 2017

Outlined below are some of the top digital marketing trends to observe in 2017

Video Ads:

Video ads are not in any way new. Due to video advertising platforms like Facebook and social media channels such as YouTube, video marketing has grown steadily. The unique thing for 2017 is that video-based advertising will now be shown in Google’s search result. Video-based advertising is known for having more engagements, so this idea of displaying in search results will be a real win situation for marketers.


Relationship Marketing:

It is estimated that by 2017, Two billion people all over the world will own a Smartphone. One of the drawbacks of having a connection with mobile devices almost 24 hours every day is that consumers are gradually becoming insensitive to the conventional marketing style. For this reason it is expedient to create an emotional connection with consumers to develop brand loyalty instead of using an approach that is befitting to everyone. The abundance of available data enables marketers to determine more accurately the needs of their target audience and provide them with suitable ads relevant to them which will help in building a very loyal customer base.

Mobile Web:

In at least 10 major countries, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic in 2016 As a response to this new trend, Google updated their algorithm which will rank sites which are mobile optimized more highly in the search results. In fact, Google will accept websites with only mobile version and

no desktop version. This means that you need to start focusing on having a mobile site.

Social Search:

For some time now, Facebook has been test running a search engine on its site. This social media search which combines a payment messaging and “buy” button will enable customers to locate what they are searching for, pay for them and share their purchase on their profiles. This will make the purchasing process easier and more fun. It will also be expected to exceed the capabilities of current search engines. This is one more reason why businesses should have an active presence on social media.

2017 will be an exciting year for brands, and those who will take advantage of these trends early enough will have an edge over their competitors. provides various professional services to enable you take advantage of digital marketing opportunities. Contact us now to find out how we can be helpful to your business.

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