Train Smarter and Keep Score with the Wilson X Connected Tech Basketball
Train Smarter and Keep Score with the Wilson X Connected Tech Basketball

Not too long ago, Wilson started the first shipments of their smart Wilson X Connected Tech Basketball, dubbed as the Wilson X Tech Basketball. With this brilliant piece of sports tech, you can be a more efficient basketball player, tracking your own performance and working on improving your goals every day.

Wilson X Tech Basketball looks, weighs, and performs just like an ordinary regulation basketball, but inside it are specialized tech sensors (called Make or Miss Technology) and a Bluetooth tech transmitter. As you use wireless tech to connect the Wilson X to your iPhone via the app during training, the sensors can immediately count the number of shots you make, as well as calculate your accuracy and response. Tech Basketball Tech Basketball wilson x

How else can Wilson X Tech Basketball assist you to be the next NBA great? As the app keeps track of your progress, you also have an idea of your free throw accuracy, field goal percentage (2 point and 3 point shots), and which spots on the court you need a little extra work on. As you learn your weak spots, you can improve and even share your daily stats to your friends and teammates online.

Wilson X Tech Basketball works with any standard 10 foot hoop, and can be played both indoors and outdoors. The battery in the basketball, however, cannot be removed, recharged, or replaced. But it can last you for over 100,000 shots in its lifetime. That’s equivalent to about 300 shots per day, every day for a whole year! If that won’t keep you in the game, I don’t know what will.

There are four included game modes that you can set on your app before you start training with Wilson X: Free range, free throw, buzzer beater, and game time. Each game mode keeps track of a specific set of stats, and can also measure your performance during clutch portions of the game. If you don’t want to use the app when you play with the ball, you can switch off the Bluetooth via your phone, and this also helps to preserve the ball’s battery life.

The Connected Tech Basketball retails for $199.99 and can be ordered through the Wilson website. It comes in two sizes, the regular size 7 (29.5 inch) ball, and the intermediate size 6 (28.5 inch) ball for juniors. The surface is covered with non-slip microfiber and rubber for a good grip every time you train. The Wilson X app is only available now.

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