CliniCloud #Mobile #App Lets You Check Your #Health with Ease

When you or a loved one feels under the weather, is it always necessary to go to the doctor’s office for a check up? Sometimes, the struggle is all too real for Moms and Dads who need to tote around their fussy kids and wait in line for an appointment. Now, thanks to CliniCloud (a medical device and app developed in Australia), parents can safely monitor their kids’ health from home, and communicate necessary information to their pediatrician or family doctor via a mobile app.

The developers of CliniCloud are Doctors Hon Weng Chong and Andrew Lin, who have been friends since their med school days at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The first time they thought of a system similar to CliniCloud was in 2012, wherein they developed a stethoscope that can work in sync with your mobile phone. They called it the StethoCloud, which received the 2012 Imagine Cup award from Microsoft. Three years later, they added another medical device to the system, the Non-contact Thermometer, and thus the CliniCloud was born.

CliniCloud Mobile App Lets You Check Your Health with Ease

CliniCloud Mobile App Lets You Check Your Health with Ease

The current CliniCloud system includes the Smart Stethoscope and the Non-contact Thermometer, which can work hand-in-hand with your tablet or smart phone. Just plug in the Smart Stethoscope to your mobile device and it can record your child’s heartbeat and save the data. The thermometer can scan temperature without having to cause discomfort to the child. It will also instantly transmit and save data into your mobile phone.



Once your child’s data has been saved, you can choose to grant your doctor a temporary access to listen to the sound file or view the temperature records. CliniCloud is also currently working on a “Doctor on Demand” network wherein users of the stethoscope and thermometer can directly communicate via video chat with their doctors and discuss the condition of the child or patient. This will save time and money and help families work together with healthcare providers about treatment options.



According to Chong and Lin, CliniCloud can securely store your family’s patient data onto the cloud. Only you can alter the settings as to who can access it. Also, for big families, CliniCloud can also handle multiple accounts, so parents can easily check the progress of their little ones, as well as send pertinent information to their family doctors. The CliniCloud kit retails for about $149 USD.

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