Special Mounted #Cameras Help Rescue Dogs to Save More Lives : #SPCA

Special Mounted #Cameras Help Rescue Dogs to Save More Lives : #SPCA

We used to think that dogs with enhanced abilities only existed in cartoons and comic books. But today, given the elite role of Rescue Dogs in law enforcement and the military, we are seeing our four-legged friends in a whole new light. Add to that some awesome new military grade tech and you’ve got a pack of “cyberdogs” sworn to serve and protect.

Called the Cerberus Digital Canine Transmitter, this durable “spy” camera can be mounted onto a Rescue Dogs back using a harness. The dog’s trainer or handler can then control the camera’s movements and capture images remotely using a secure network. The camera and remote can work for up to a range of 1,600 feet.

Special Mounted #Cameras Help Rescue Dogs to Save More Lives : #SPCA

Special Mounted #Cameras Help Rescue Dogs to Save More Lives : #SPCA

Cobham Tactical Communications proudly showcased this product and tested it on some willing “cyberdogs” who have been working in security and military for years. The Cerberus can have tons of ractical applications when it comes to intelligence and reconnaissance. There is also an improved chance of saving lives during calamity situations, wherein Rescue Dogs are the rescuer’s only means of reaching tight spaces.


Cerberus can also be altered to use thermal cameras mounted on canines, so that troops in the field can use them during low-light scenarios.


Based in Dorset, England, Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance has been in the security and intelligence business for years. They have provided smart systems for private companies and government contracts in the UK and across the globe. Besides leading in research and production for tactical surveillance equipment for military use, Cobham also has products for wireless communication and broadcasting tools that can be used by news agencies and academic groups in the field.



Cobham also reported that they have previously developed a dog collar with a microphone and radio transmitter on it. If coupled with the Cerberus Digital Canine Transmitter, rescuers can effectively communicate with a victim as soon as the rescue dog finds his or her location. This enhances the efficiency of rescue units and increases a victim’s chance of survival by a thousand fold.

According to Cobham Tactical Communications, this is only the beginning when it comes to empowering and improving the services of military and security units with dogs. Another high impact application of these animal-mounted cameras will be in the field of conservation in the wild, wherein the device can help forest rangers and wildlife researchers to keep an eye on endangered species that they are protecting. This can greatly reduce the risk of poaching and destruction of habitats.

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